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I've been trying to optimize my desktop and workspace within Visual Studio. I use two 19" LCDs, which give me a 1440x900px screen real estate for each monitor. I have posted my initial setup at my blog though I did not get a good response. With the start of Stack Overflow I think we will have a better radius of programmers.

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Usually, I have Visual Studio running on my main monitor (24", 1920x1200). The Second Monitor (15.4", 1280x800) is used for Browser, Notepad, the running Program. Istant Messaging, Explorer etc. pp.

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I use VS with dual monitors at work and yeah I do agree the lack of explicit support for multiple monitors is not helpful; however I find it very useful to detach tool windows and put them on the other monitor and more than anything else run code in debug with vs in one monitor and the app in another - that really does help.

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this doesn't appear to be a question, can you clarify?

Out of interest, I've used dual monitors with Visual Studio since it was called Visual Studio and whilst there's a lot that can help - debug windows, find in files, source control plugins etc - on the second monitor, the lack of actual support really doesn't help.

I've spotted in various places mentions of better dual monitor support in VS10/Hawaii. This would be much appreciated by many, I'm sure. Having said that, it would mean a third monitor for all the stuff I currently stick on the second (non-VS tool window) half of my second monitor - browsers, VPCs, firebug etc.

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You should check out this StackOverflow question:

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There was a lot of discussion on this when I asked a similar question earlier here - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5562/do-you-prefer-to-code-on-a-laptop-or-a-desktop-or-both

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