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I would like to build a recording software, for my own purposes, I would like it to be deployable on multiple systems (Windows and Unix) I am also building an application first time. So any help you would be able to provide on that topic as well it would be appreciated.

Please and thank you.


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I haven't seen any API for dealing with Microphones explicitly, but the Java Sound API should be able to see it as an input. Specifically, the javax.sound.sampled classes.

Oracle has a (not-so-quick) Java Sound Programmer Guide which includes Chapters on Accessing Audio System Resources and Capturing Audio.

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are there any online tutorials? – myusuf3 Sep 9 '10 at 18:30

You might look at BASS if you only need to support OS/X and/or Windows. I haven't used it or JavaSound recently enough to speak to which is better at the moment, but BASS was good enough to merit a looksee.

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