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How can I force my .Net application to establish connection with some Java Web Service using TLS instead of SSL ? Proxy to Web Service is generated as standard Web Reference (not WCF). Web Service url is https://........ .

Some details: From my .Net 4.0 application I'm invoking Java Web Service hosted on JBoss & Redhat. This web service works properly in 50% runs, when error occurs exception message is 'An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host'.

When I looked at network communication with WireShark:

  • all error connections are established with SSL 'Hello Client' and being reset.
  • Success connections are established with TLSv1 'Hello Client'

so forcing .Net to use TLS could resolve this strange issue.

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The place to start would be ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol. This allows one of the SecurityProtocolType values to be set: Ssl3 or Tls, the later is documented:

Specifies the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 security protocol.

TLS assumes that a connection-oriented protocol, typically TCP, is in use. The TLS protocol is defined in IETF RFC 2246.

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