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I've got a pretty complicated (for me!) form validation to do. I did all js and now I'm doing php stuff.

The thing is I've put a possibility to copy part of the inputs to other, similar section (recipient -> payer). It's all done by jQuery first copying $("input.payer_sth").val() to $("input.payer_sth"), and then doing it again and again on keyup and blur.

All my inputs are built like that:

<input id="payer_name" name="payer_name" class="foo" type="text" value="<?=$_POST['payer_name']?>"/>

as long as the ones that aren't modified by jQuery work all right on submit and "back", the ones that has modified val() are empty on back.

What's obvious for me is that jQuery is overwriting value="<?=$_POST['field']?>" .

How can this be fixed?

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I'm really struggling to understand what you're trying to do / ask here... your jQuery in your second paragraph wouldn't match the HTML example you've provided, the class name in the HTML is foo and you're selecting all inputs with class name payer_sth so they wouldn't be selected. You should probably start off focusing on identifying the exact problem i.e. whether it's in your PHP or your client-side stuff. I don't see this being a problem that can't be fixed with some simple console.log's / var_dump's. –  Steve Sep 9 '10 at 17:21
So, when your page first loads you use jQuery to populate the field with a default value? If the the page is submitted and some validation fails, the page reloads and is supposed to repopulate with the $_POST value, but jQuery is overwriting the values? –  jlindenbaum Sep 9 '10 at 17:32
jlindenbaum: that was exactly the issue, I've had a code snippet that checked if the values are to be copied or cleared and did that on reload, now everything seems to work just ok –  muchzill4 Sep 9 '10 at 18:04

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Based on my comments above, you may want to do this on server-side instead of client side.

Example (not the cleanest, but you'll get the point)

<input id="payer_name" name="payer_name" class="foo" type="text" value="<?= (!isset($_POST['player_name'])) ? 'Enter your name' : $_POST['payer_name']?>"/>

So what this will do, is if there is no post set it will output "Enter your name" into the field, if the $_POST is set it will output the value of the post into the field.

The construct is called a ternary operator: http://php.net/manual/en/language.operators.comparison.php

You can clean it up a bit on your side, but this will do the trick and it'll avoid the use of JavaScript for something like this where JS should not be required by the end-user.

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