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In my view i want to diplay current date in mm/dd/yyyy format

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<%= Time.now.strftime("%m/%d/%Y") %>
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You could simply do (substitute in Time for DateTime if using straight ruby -- i.e. no rails):


If you're using that format a lot, you might want to create a date_time_formats initializer in your RAILS_ROOT/config/initializers folder (assuming Rails 2).

Something like this:

# File: date_time_formats.rb
  :human => "%m/%d/%Y"

Will then let you use the more friendly version of DateTime.now.to_s(:human) in your code.

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This is the most elegant way to do it. Using strftime all over the place is messy. Actually though you can just do something like this (less verbose) ruby Date::DATE_FORMATS[:mdy] = "%B %d, %Y" Time::DATE_FORMATS[:mdy] = "%B %d %Y" Time::DATE_FORMATS[:month_and_year] = "%B %Y" Time::DATE_FORMATS[:pretty] = lambda { |time| time.strftime("%a, %b %e at %l:%M") + time.strftime("%p").downcase } –  Subimage Sep 9 '13 at 22:53
It should be noted that changes in config files only take effect after server restart, unlike changes in models,views and controllers. –  CurlyCorvus Aug 4 '14 at 0:31

I think you can use .strftime:

t = Time.now()
t.strftime("The date is %m/%d/%y")

This should give "The date is 09/09/10". See here for a great list of the format codes for .strftime.

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If you don't need the full year you could try Time.now.strftime('%D')

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