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Before I begin here is a reference to how I implemented a template selector with Silverlight.


Everything works great. But the solution just doesn't work in blends making things more difficult to visualize overall. Is the correct work flow to just create a UserControl from the contents and embed it inside the Resource Dictionary to make it blendable, or is there a better way to do this?

Either way, I'm asking this question and posting the Template Selector solution at the same time, because I found it useful. Better solutions are very much welcome.

fyi.. sl4,.net4, latest blends.. all the new toys.. using mvvm light(little relevance).

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I would recommend you go with the the following kind of implementation: DataTemplateSelector on CodeProject.

The drawback of the link you posted is that the location and name of the templates are hard-coded in the ContentControl's implementation. With the approach provided in the article I link to, the data templates are accessed in-line, or by regular {StaticResource} references (which means more flexibility), and on top of that, Blend knows what to do with that.

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