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I installed the stringr package on my Ubuntu 10.04 machine under R 2.10.1. When I try to use the str_extract() function R stops and gives the following error message:

Error in recyclable(string, pattern, replacement) : could not find function "vapply"

How can I solve this problem? Is there any specific package that contains this vapply function?

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vapply is in the base package, so something may be wrong with your installation.

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Thank you very much! Removing R, than reinstalling it solved the problem. –  txxwq Sep 9 '10 at 17:15

I'm using Ubuntu and I think the problem is that it's using an older version of R in the repos. I uninstalled R from my machine, then I used this http://www.keittlab.org/node/158 to set up the repos for R. So far this works for me very well.

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