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You have always been kind and helpful here. I hope you can give me some pointers on this also.

I am looking for a sitemap generator that will index 100 or so pages and upload/ping to google/yahoo/ping.

I have done my homework last 2 hours searching the net and SO, but nothing useful. I dont want to be the guinea pig to some abandoned project or new project.


  • must be command line and work on the local filesystem, no need to harvest the pages. give it a directory and it should create all files under it.

  • must ping/upload to engines

  • must be simple, no need overly complicated 200 pages explanations.

Yes, I tried, search::sitemap, but as always, everything in perl is a bunch of cryptic bull that has no usability. It has pages and pages of information but for the love of god, how does that thing scan a directory and create the file???

Thanks so much for your time.


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Crazy late here but try this:

It won't ping, but it does an awesome job creating and updating sitemaps.

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Google Sitemap Generator is probably what you're looking for.

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That's server side software. OP was asking about a command line tool –  Miquel Mar 21 '13 at 12:57

jhSitemapgenerator is multithreaded.

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