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The question regarding the Umbraco CMS:

I have to setup public access for particular document (a blog, for example) programmatically - using web services exposed by Umbraco (Document service, Member service, etc.). I suppose that services are suitable for CRUD operations only, but I am not sure, as they let setting document properties in a flexible way.

Does someone have any experience with this and can you help me implement this? Thanks in advance.

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PS. What I mean about 'Setup public access' - pointing those member groups (roles) that have access to the document. –  borovikpe Sep 9 '10 at 17:21

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The webservices that sit in the /umbraco/webservies/api/ directory work directly with database (this is bypassing the in-memory XML, and will hit the database with every request) These API's are only available to users you supply in /config/umbraco.config

I'm guessing you want to return a bunch of data through JSON or XML, Umbraco base would be suitable http://umbraco.org/documentation/books/introduction-to-base

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The target was pointed in my comment to the previous post - I wanted to rule the public access policy of the blog. And the '/Base' feature of the Umbraco is great for extending the CMS accordingly to my wish, thank you a lot! –  borovikpe Sep 13 '10 at 14:41

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