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I have a project that I'm upgrading from 2008 to 2010.
My problem is with the code being generated by a service reference. Any classes used in the Reference.cs are given by their full name according to the reference

The difference results in a 'cannot convert from foo.Data.MtkBaseRequest to foo.WebServicesClient.ModelDataService.MtkBaseRequest'

So I have the old code

namespace foo  
  public abstract class MtkBaseRequest{}  

And this code being called

List<MtkBaseRequest> newList = new List<MtkBaseRequest>(requestArray);  

but this is the method it means to call(which is generated)

public void doStuff(System.Collections.Generic.List<foo.WebServicesClient.ModelDataService.MtkBaseRequest> requests)

So what's happening is that the namespace no longer matches for the class which should be the same. In the code generated by VS 2008 the method being called is:

public void doStuff(System.Collections.Generic.List<foo.Data.MtkBaseRequest> requests)

Is there a work-around, or something I can do to get the code generating properly?

BTW: the project this is in is called WebServicesClient, the service reference is ModelDataService

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I fixed it, turns out there were some assemblies hanging around in the GAC.
stupid GAC

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