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I'm running Linux and I put some files into SVN's ignore list. Now I want to remove them. But, I need to use command-line for this purpose, not some SVN client build-in features. How can I do that? Thank you, in advance.

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Using propedit start the default text editor to edit a property, in this case it's the one named svn:ignore :

svn propedit svn:ignore .
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Use the svn propdel command


svn propdel svn:ignore .


svn propdel svn:ignore -R 
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this will remove all ignores in the directory, if you just want one use the propedit by @virtualblackfox –  Paul Rubel Sep 10 '10 at 0:23

If you just want to remove one file out of several others from svn ignore, do as @virtualblackfox says to get to your svn:delete property in a text editor. If you see the actual file listed, e.g. (file2.txt):


Then simply remove it, e.g.:


But if you have a filter like *.txt, then you will need to create a black list.

Then 'svn stat' and you should see something like

?    file2.txt

Then you can 'svn add file2.txt' back in to the repository.

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To remove ignored files from file system, run:

svn st --no-ignore | grep "I   " | sed "s/I   //" | xargs rm
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