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This is my first iPhone app in which I am importing images wholesale from Photoshop. Some aren't rendering properly.

The following image is a white button with rounded corners; the transparency overall is being preserved, but the blending from the image to the transparent pixels results in a white edge around each corner:


The corners should look like this:


I can't find PNG specs outside of those required for the splash screen and icon (72ppi, RGB, 8 bits/channel, etc.) so I am following those. The button image looks fine in my browser against a black background. However, when imported into the app (simulator AND device), it renders incorrectly.

Any ideas?

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What type of button are you using?

use a custom UIButton

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Thanks! My buttons were set to Rounded Rect instead of Custom. – thebossman Sep 11 '10 at 21:20

You might be experiencing problems with the clear color. Also, be aware that Xcode will optimize PNGs by default.

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