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What are your experiences with running SQL server in a virtual pc? Currently we have an sql2008 instance running in a virtual machine. Both CPU's hit the roof the moment a query is executed.

what are your experiences and what do you suggest in this matter?

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I've had some serious performance issues using virtualised SQL servers for database heavy applications (ETL development). See this Stackoverflow post for a run-down on my experiences and the outcomes of digging into the underlying issues.

Essentially a DB heavy process like ETL will thrash the I/O (more sequential operations, so it isn't waiting for disk seeks as much as an OLTP app) and Translation Lookaside Buffer (large data sets), both of which are very slow on a naively virtualised image. The posting links out to this whitepaper on AMD's site (written by a vendor so take with a grain of salt) which (in between extolling the virtues of AMD's new Opteron chips) talks a bit about the underlying issues.

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Thanks, although I don't think I have exactly the same issues, this looks like a lot of starting research points. thanks –  Boris Callens Dec 15 '08 at 12:27
I was gonna post the other stackoverflow question (it's my question!), but you beat me to it: upvote. –  Joel Coehoorn Dec 15 '08 at 14:30

Are you using VMWare? If so apply service packs from back in September and since.

Otherwise you can limit the resources that 2008 uses if you have no limited of a machine.

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