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I'm developing a real-time analytics solution and I need to choose the best database to do it. I believe MongoDB is ideal but I don't have the experience to compare all the other solutions.

What's your advice?


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to give a good answer you need to provide just a few more details – KM. Sep 9 '10 at 19:46
Databases do not do any analytics in real time, they are for storing and retrieving structured data. Which data are you going to store and retrieve and how they are structured? – Quassnoi Sep 9 '10 at 19:58
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Take a look at CEP (Complex Event Processing) solutions such as: Oracle CEP, Microsoft SQL Server StreamInsight, OSISoft PI, StreamBase

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As sqlvogel mentioned, CEP solutions are the right choice. Some of them also have a "live data mart" where you have live UI (i.e. not just dashboards or reports) to monitor and react quickly. One example is TIBCO StreamBase LiveView Data Mart, which complements StreamBase.

There are several open source options for stream processing in the meantime, e.g. Apache Storm, Apache Spark or Apache Samza.

Take a look at my blog post respectively article for more details about different stream processing and streaming analytics solutions (open source and proprietary):

Comparison of Stream Processing and Streaming Analytics Alternatives (Apache Storm, Spark, IBM InfoSphere Streams, TIBCO StreamBase, Software AG Apama)

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Cubism project uses MongoDB for realtime analytics. It seems MongoDB is good for such use cases.

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