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What is the proper way to add an array to a $_SESSION variable that already contains arrays in PHP?

For example I have a session variable:


Then I do this:

$_SESSION['test'] = array('sample' => '1', 'sample2' => 2);

THEN, I come back to this session data at a later date. How would I add another array to $_SESSION['test'] without destroying what was already in there?

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Fetch the size of current value, if it's 1 (means there is one array), then make a new array, which contains previous value from test and add the new value. Then change test value to this new two dimension array.

Would look something like that:

$_SESSION['test'] = array('sample' => '1', 'sample2' => 2);

if(is_array($_SESSION['test']) && sizeof($_SESSION['test'] == 1){
    $newValue = array();
    $newValue[] = $_SESSION['test'];
    $newValue[] = $yourOtherArray;
    $_SESSION['test'] = $newValue;

Fast and simple. Oh, not so sure if this is "proper" way.

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Seems like a whole lot of extra and unnecessary work given that array_merge function. Although, testing if it is an array is probably a good idea. – Brad F Jacobs Sep 9 '10 at 20:20
But array_merge() will merge them together, where this will keep em seperated. – jolt Sep 9 '10 at 20:32
Yea, I get you. I guess it all depends on what the OP meant, as he was sort of unclear on that / could be taken multiple ways. It would also depend on the format of the "new array" if it is multi-dimensional or not. +1 – Brad F Jacobs Sep 9 '10 at 20:35

Do you mean add another array element?

If so, you would do:

$_SESSION['test']['sample3'] = 3;

But if not, then it sounds like array_merge is your ticket.

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If I am understanding you correctly, you can use array_merge() to merge the arrays.

$new_array = array('x' => array('extra')));
$_SESSION['test'] = is_array($_SESSION['test'])?array_merge($_SESSION['test'], $new_array):$new_array;


Updated to do an is_array check, if it is an array it is merged, else it is set to the $new_array.

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