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i would like to replace tokens in source files with Ant:

some test ${foo} other text ...

Tokens are contained in a properties file eg.:


Actually this is easy if tokens in source files were like '@@foo@@' or 'foo' but i'm not able to replace whole token : ${foo}

I've succeed years ago but this time i've failed ...


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In other words, do same job as maven-resources-plugin with filtering but with Ant – Benoît Guérout Sep 9 '10 at 20:37
google "ant expandproperties" this is part of filterchains – Kalpesh Soni Apr 25 '12 at 21:27

This is somewhat similar to these.

Properties are loaded from the file properties.txt. The weakness here is that all occurrences of ${ in your input text are converted to { before the token substitution - which may well break things if that string appears elsewhere in the text. If that is a problem, it still aught to be possible to adapt this solution.

<copy file="input.txt" tofile="output.txt">
    <replaceregex pattern="\$\{" replace="{" />
    <filterreader classname="">
            <param type="propertiesfile" value="properties.txt"/>
            <param type="tokenchar" name="begintoken" value="{"/>
            <param type="tokenchar" name="endtoken" value="}"/>
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