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how can i filter an array using key value combination.

let array is



is there any function to search to filter combination of key(a) and value(1)

In php any function there. array_map..or array_seacrh

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It depends how you phrase it. Your example is not so good because in an array, a key is unique. You will always only have one value per key. Seeing it this way, you might just want to filter the array by the key. But you can also say I want to filter the array be the key only if the value is .... Then your question makes sense. –  Felix Kling Sep 9 '10 at 21:33

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You could combine array_filter() with array_walk()... the latter does pass both key and value to the callback function

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Not a single function, but an array key must be unique, so you could do something like..

if (isset($array['a'] == 1))

... But I doubt that is way you want to know.. Could you be a bit more specific?

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