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I have a website in Django1.1.1 deployed in Apache2.0. In the backend I have a launcher script that starts three python processes that interact with the frontend. One of these processes uses a Windows Event (using CreateEvent) that communicates with Apache.

My problem is that when I run the launcher script first and then start Apache everything seems to be working fine, but when I start Apache first and then run launcher the process with the Windows event is never launched. On starting the process on command line it dies with the error
pywintypes.error: (5, 'CreateEvent', 'Access is denied.')

I think this is a permission issue where Apache is running as SYSTEM user and the launcher running as me. Any ideas how I can fix this? It could be something else too, any ideas? I am a noob on Windows so please bear with me. BTW I am using Windows XP and python 2.4
Thanks S

UPDATE: I eventually used python recipe Controlling Windows Services to always launch Apache service post my script. My problem is resolved!

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Are you specifying a security descriptor in the call to CreateEvent (through the lpEventAttributes argument)?

See the section 5 (Synchronization Object Security and Access Rights) on the following page for details:

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Thanks for this link. I used a different solution that I have updated above. – spyder Sep 13 '10 at 19:52

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