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I have some problems when I try to update information in some tables. For example, I have this table:

class Channel(rdb.Model):

    id = Column("id", Integer, primary_key=True)
    title = Column("title", String(100))
    hash = Column("hash", String(50))
    runtime = Column("runtime", Float)

    items = relationship(MediaItem, secondary="channel_items", order_by=MediaItem.position, backref="channels")

And I have this code:

def insertXML(channels, strXml):
    channel = Channel()
    session = rdb.Session()
    result = ""

    fillChannelTemplate(channel, channels)

    rChannel = session.query(Channel).get(
    for chan in channels:
        if ==
            rChannel.runtime = channel.runtime
            for item in channel.items:
                if == 0:

When I do "rChannel.items.append(item)", I got this error:

"FlushError: New instance Channel at 0xaf6e48c with identity key , (152,) conflicts with
persistent instance Channel at 0xac2e8ac"

However, this instruction is working "rChannel.runtime = channel.runtime".

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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I suspect you have a mix of persistent and transient (or detached) objects with the same ID. When you try to copy the related objects, you get a conflict. The merge ( might help you to resolve the issue. – van Sep 10 '10 at 7:17
Thanks! The database is updated, but I got the same error: FlushError: New instance <Channel at 0xb75eeec> with identity key (<class ''>, (152,)) conflicts with persistent instance <Channel at 0xb598dec>. Any idea? – bribon Sep 10 '10 at 16:57

I think your code should be either:

for chan in channels:
    if ==
        runtime = channel.runtime


for chan in channels:
    if ==
         for item in channel.items:
            if == 0:

And not both. It appears to me that your adding channel.items twice to rChannel.items.

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