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is the quickest way to go back and kill a word Esc or Ctrl-[ and db? I guess I mess up a lot :P and am used to using M-<backspace or Ctrl-<backspace> in other editors (or word processors). Still getting the hang of this (vim), but switching to normal-mode for short tasks like this one seems an odd way to go about it. Just wanted to inquire if there was anything better than what I was doing... Thanks much ~

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In insert mode you can use CTRL-W to undo the most recently typed word.

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Just a note, it doesn't undo in relation to vim's undo/redo stack. It just deletes to the previous word-divide character. Typing it again will continue the deletion. – Caleb Huitt - cjhuitt Sep 10 '10 at 19:14

Are you looking for <c-w> in insert and command modes ? (like in unix shell command line) Or db in normal mode?

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Try control + W

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Depending on where is your cursor positionned, <c-w> or db won't delete all of the word. try dib / dab to select the all word (with or without space) regarless of where you are in the word.

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