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I'm trying to generate a certificate request from a sql 2005 / windows 2008 server, so that i can get a certificate made and thus enable encryption on my sql connections from clients.

On the server, i do:

  • start -> run -> mmc
  • add 'certificates' snapin
  • choose 'computer account'
  • choose 'local computer'
  • Right click the Certificates > Personal folder in the left hand tree pane, choose All tasks > Request new certificate

But then it gives me the error:

Certificate Types are not available
You cannot request a certificate at this time because no certificate types are available.
The requested certificate template is not supported by this CA.
A valid certification authority configured to issue certificates based on this template
cannot be located, or the CA is not trusted.

Any ideas? We've got an enterprise CA, if that's worth knowing. Thanks

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