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I have read (from Slava Pestov) that Factor was influenced by Lisp, but I am not sure that I can understand how? Are they not very difference programming languages?

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Even though the language is stack based there are plenty of elements that show a clear lisp influence. Take the IF statement as an example. In forth If statements are cond IF (code if true) ELSE (code if false) THEN and the definition of If acts on the runtime to make sure the correct branch is run. If in factor is a direct translation of if in lisp it takes a true quotation and a false quotation and executes the correct one. Edit: Another is Dynamic scope, Something CL is known for. Its lexical variables are defined by let expressions just like lisp.(let and let* )

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The object system, for one: http://concatenative.org/wiki/view/Object%20system, resembles CLOS.

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