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I have tools like firebug and web developer to debug the code with firefox browser is any similar tool we can use with google chrome and internet explorer

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On Chrome, go to the page menu (the one that looks like a page), then Developer and Developer Tools (Control+Shift+I shortcut)

alt text

For IE, download IE8 and that comes with developer tools. (Tools> Developer Tools) or F12.

alt text

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In Chrome's menu (on a Mac at least):

View > Developer > Developer Tools

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IE8 has a similar tool built-in as well... for earlier versions of IE, you can debug with Visual Studio. –  Dean Harding Sep 10 '10 at 4:32
and how to monitor AJAX requests ? thank you –  armen Mar 28 '13 at 14:21

There is also Firebug Lite which is nice because it sort of looks and feels like Firebug.

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With Internet Explorer you can use Visual Studio to debug code, here some howtos :

Visual Studio is not so bad for debugging as it open new tabs while entering in "eval" sections, permitting you to view values and add breakpoints inside them.

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For IE6 and IE7 you can download the 'Internet Explorer Developer toolbar", which has the same functionality as the developer tools from IE8. It can be downloaded here.

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Additionally, to debug IE6, I run XP Mode on Win7. The default installed version of IE6 comes with similar developer tools that are activated via a button in the menu bar.

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