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I used to use the following to rename aplist file with various user inputted values (BOOL,Strings mostly):

    [manager moveItemAtPath:oldPath toPath:newPath error:&error];

And for some reason in iOS4+ this glitches out, so I Attempt the following:

 [1]  [manager copyItemAtPath:oldPath toPath:newPath error:&error];
 [2]  [manager removeItemAtPath:oldPath error:&error];

Now, [1] copies the plist and ALL of the data correctly. (I've verified when commenting out [2]. But for some reason, when I attempt [1] & [2], the file /appears/ renamed, however, there are only certain fields missing, for example I FName and LName stay intact, whereas Phone1,Phone2,Email1,Email2 and Website are removed from the new file.

For the life of me, I just cannot figure out why only some of the data remains when I attempt a removeFileAtPath for the OLD file AFTER the NEW FILE is created?

Any help would be MUCH APPRECIATED!

I just simply want to rename a plist file, while keeping ALL of the data in tact.

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NSString *newPath = [[oldPath stringByDeletingLastPathComponent] stringByAppendingPathComponent:newFilename];

[[NSFileManager defaultManager] movePath:oldPath toPath:newPath handler:nil];
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