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This is how I do in SQL Server:

insert into users(name, password) values('admin', '1');
declare @id int;
set @id = @@identity;
insert into usersroles values(@id, 1);
insert into usersroles values(@id, 2);

@@identity is in sql server the last inserted identity (serial)

How to do the same in Postgres?

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output clause? –  Denis Valeev Sep 10 '10 at 6:13

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The easiest way is to use the RETURNING clause for INSERT:

INSERT INTO users (name, password) VALUES ('admin', '1') RETURNING id;

That will return one row which contains the assigned id.

Another option is to use the currval function after you insert into the users table:

SELECT currval('users_id_seq');
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From the intertubes:

  INSERT INTO Table1 (...)
    VALUES (...);


    FROM Table1 t
    WHERE t.oid = res_oid;
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