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I want a horizontal field manager to act as a button, changing the background image on focus:


set background image for HorizontalFieldManager and it should change onfocus(select) and it should act as a button to push some other screen...

Under that HorizontalFieldManager I want to add an image and labels to display some information...

I want it exactly like in the screen shot, there are no edit fields..

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How about using ListField for it,Do you want a single component or multiple components in the list? If Single u can move to what you choose,or else develop your custom listfield

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Call something like:

getMainManager().setBackground(BackgroundFactory.createLinearGradientBackground(Color.WHITE, Color.GRAY, Color.DIMGRAY, Color.DIMGRAY));

to change the background of your screen.

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onFocus="this.style.width = '260px'; this.style.background='url(Icalorieimage/account/username_text.png)'" 
                onBlur="this.style.width = '260px'; this.style.background='url(Icalorieimage/account/username_text.png)' "
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