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I have a function from an external lib which takes the following camera parameters:

  • x,y,z coordinates for "center of orbit"
  • x,y,z vector from "center of orbit" to "camera direction"
  • orbital radius
  • camera roll

How can I calculate these parameters from the ones I got:

  • position vector
  • view vector
  • zoom min/max
  • rotation angle
  • decline angle of the camera


And on a related subject: what's a 'camera roll' anyway? Is there somewhere a picture explaining this?

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x,y,z coordinates for "center of orbit"

  • I guess this is up to you, let's call it "centerOrbit"

orbital radius

  • orbitalRadius = Length(cameraPos - centerOrbit)

x,y,z vector from "center of orbit" to "camera direction"

  • (cameraPos - centerOrbit) / orbitalRadius

camera roll

  • this could be your "decline angle of the camera" (just guessing again)
  • for explanation of what is a camera roll, try googling "yaw pitch roll"
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