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i'm trying to do the following extension method -> converting an int to a enum, when you provide the enum :-

public static T ToEnum<T>(this int value)
    return (T)Enum.ToObject(typeof(T), value);

Now, i was hoping to make it so that you can only define the type T to be an enumeration. Is there any what i can restrict it?


int day = 3;
DaysOfWeek dow = day<DaysOfWeek>(); // No compiler error.
DaysOfWeek dow2 = day<Foo>(); // Compiler error.
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Use Where T: struct

See this Question http://stackoverflow.com/questions/79126/create-generic-method-constraining-t-to-an-enum

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cheers! what a quick answer :) –  Pure.Krome Dec 15 '08 at 13:16

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