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I am using JSF 1.2 without any component libs for a JSF Application. Consider a case where I have a JSF rendered page and on click of a link in that page,a pop-up page should open and show some details which are from the backing bean? What are the options? since the pop up page is just a look up (read only data) , I am thinking to use javascript + Ajax + Servlet to show the data without using JSF. Are there any other options ? Thanks

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Is the data to show in popup ready on main page creation, or is it to be selected (from db?) on click of the link? –  amorfis Sep 10 '10 at 9:28
The data is not on the main page.Data has to be loaded on click on the link. –  gekrish Sep 10 '10 at 11:31

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Yes, using JSF is also an option. Just use <f:setPropertyActionListener> on the <h:commandLink> that would open the page, and use a managed bean in a standard way, as if it was not a pop-up.

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