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I set

"user1 hard maxlogins 2"

i found "logged in as user1 twice" While logging for third time it said "Too many logins" - So i logged out "logout" from previous two logins ...even now it says the same error msg

I can verify this using "who" command running as root and check pam.d/login looks fine too.

I think ,its bug with login binary where can i found source for both login and limits.conf

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On my ubuntu system:

apt-file search /bin/login


gforge-web-apache2: /usr/share/gforge/www/scm/viewvc/bin/loginfo-handler
login: /bin/login
userful-multiplier: /opt/userful/bin/login-server

so, on debian based distros, you can get the source for the "login" package:

apt-get source login

Edit Seems the actual package name is "shadow".

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thanks dude !! I got it,shadow-utils in Fedora. –  lakshmipathi Sep 10 '10 at 12:19

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