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I need to write a regular expression for the following (NB. ignore carriage returns, I've added them for readability):

<strong>Contact details</strong>
<p><label>Office:</label>&nbsp;+44 (0)12 3456 7890<br />
<label>Direct:</label>&nbsp;+44 (0)12 3456 7890<br />
<label>Mobile:</label>&nbsp;+44 (0)1234 567890<br />
<label>E-mail:</label>&nbsp;<a href="mailto:you@me.com">you@me.com</a><br />

I am using


Which matches the number blocks and I can use and offset of 0-2 to identify them. The problem is it is returning white space as well which is screwing up my offsets. How do I say "it must contain at least one digit in the match"?
I did also try

/\<label\>Office:\<\/label\>&nbsp;([\+\d\(\)\s]+)\<br \/\>/

But that would return

+44 (0)12 3456 7890<br />
<label>Direct:</label>&nbsp;+44 (0)12 3456 7890<br />
<label>Mobile:</label>&nbsp;+44 (0)1234 567890<br />
<label>E-mail:</label>&nbsp;<a href="mailto:you@me.com">you@me.com</a>
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Scraping contact details - why would you want to do that... that smells like doing mass email harvesting...? –  t0mm13b Sep 10 '10 at 9:23

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Its not a good idea to parse HTML using regex, use a DOM bases parse instead.

Your regex does not work because its greedy, to make it non-greedy change




Also +, ( and ) will be treated literally in a char class. So no need to escape them:

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Thanks. I do use simple_html_dom to get this far but I need regexp for the final step of pulling out the number. Thanks for the tips. –  Simon Sep 10 '10 at 9:26

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