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I'm sure this is astonishingly straightforward, and I'm just inexperienced with Rails 3, but I can't figure out how to make it work.

I'm trying to install the paper_trail plugin into my Rails 3 app; but the instructions seem designed for Rails 2. I'm running under Windows, and don't have git available.

I've tried putting gem 'paper_trail' into my Gemfile and running bundle install, which picked up the gem correctly; but rails generate paper_trail (which I assume is the new form of script/generate paper_trail fails with Could not find generator paper_trail.

Can anyone give me some step-by-step instructions to get this working?

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A little late to the party. I am writing this since I found the thread through Google. Here is how I got it to work with Rail 3.0.9. I was getting the same error with

bundle exec rails generate paper_trail

as well as

bundle exec rails g paper_trail


rails generate paper_trail

Turns out, you need to run

bundle exec rails generate paper_trail:install

that generated the migration file for me and a

bundle exec rake db:migrate

created the table.

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As of 11 October, rails generate paper_trail works as you would expect.

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I've managed to make this work by simply downloading the zipped code from github, unpacking it into vendor/plugins, installing the gem (through Gemfile and bundle install), and then copy-pasting the migration code in paper_trail's generator into a blank migration of the same name.

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