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I want to make something like a hud. I have a QGraphicsScene with a huge QPixmap, that I added to a much smaller QGraphicsView. Now I need to add some control elements, like QLabel, QPushButton and QGraphicsEllipseItem. That's, I think, is not a problem. I found this helpful page Graphics View Classes. But how do I anchor this control elements to the View or maybe better said how do I not anchor them. When I drag the QPixmap, then I don't want that the hud is moving with the QPixmap out of the QGraphicsView. What do I need to do, to solve this problem. Hope someone can help me.

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You should just have to create your widgets and specify the QGraphicsView in the constructor like this:

QPushButton *button1 = new QPushButton(view);
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Damn, that's so simple. Thank you, it works perfectly. –  user427305 Sep 12 '10 at 15:34
This doesn't work for QGraphicsEllipseItem, or any other non-widget graphics item. –  ybungalobill Feb 2 at 19:46

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