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I would like to loop trough nested objects. here is my code :

var defaults = {
    toolTips: {
        printVersion: {
            toolTip1: {
                link_s: '#mm_tooltip1_link',
                tooltip_s: '#mm_tooltip1'
            toolTip2: {
                link_s: '#mm_tooltip2_link',
                tooltip_s: '#mm_tooltip2'
            toolTip3: {
                link_s: '#mm_tooltip3_link',
                tooltip_s: '#mm_tooltip3'

var settings;
var $archives_dialog;

$.madmagz = function(options) {
    settings = $.extend({}, defaults, options);

function init(){

function initToolTips() {
    $(settings.toolTips).each ( function (i, tooltip_group) {
        $(tooltip_group).each (function (i, tooltip) {
            // do stuff

In every each loop, I get the same object. How can I go down in every nested objects ?

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You need the $.each() helper method to loop over objects.

function initToolTips() {
    $.each(defaults.toolTips, function(i, tooltip_group) {
        $.each(tooltip_group, function(i2, tooltip) {

Ref.: jQuery.each()

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Ok, that's it ! Thanks a lot. – Franck Sep 10 '10 at 10:02

Use .children()

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