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I am using Mark Sanborn UPS Function to calculate UPS shipping rates with php

In this function you have to change some values of variables already defined

 // ========== CHANGE THESE VALUES TO MATCH YOUR OWN ===========  

 $AccessLicenseNumber = '12345678910'; // Your license number  
 $UserId = 'username'; // Username  
 $Password = 'password'; // Password  
 $PostalCode = '12345'; // Zipcode you are shipping FROM  
 $ShipperNumber = '98765'; // Your UPS shipper number 

but I could not figure out my $AccessLicenseNumber for UPS account also my $ShipperNumber.

Please any one used this API give me a start.

Thanks in Advance.

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Both of those values are issued by UPS when you request API credentials.

UPS credentials are made up of 4 distinct values- user id, password, access key (license number) and shipper number. Shipper number is optional, but including can affect which rates are returned.

UPS API credentials can be requested here:

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So the solution is to call UPS customer care isnt it. – Wazzzy Sep 10 '10 at 11:12
According to you is this th Shipper number or you are talking about something else * 01 – UPS Next Day Air * 02 – UPS Second Day Air * 03 – UPS Ground * 07 – UPS Worldwide Express * 08 – UPS Worldwide Expedited * 11 – UPS Standard * 12 – UPS Three-Day Select * 13 Next Day Air Saver * 14 – UPS Next Day Air Early AM * 54 – UPS Worldwide Express Plus * 59 – UPS Second Day Air AM * 65 – UPS Saver – Wazzzy Sep 10 '10 at 11:14
@Wazzy You can obtain the credentials online via their website. See my updated answer. The above numbers are service codes, not shipper numbers. The shipper number is unique value assigned to your account which you can use for API transactions and also for identifying packages sent via the UPS Store. It is around 11 digits, if I'm not mistaken. – Nathan Taylor Sep 10 '10 at 11:37

UserID and Password are the credentials you use for and the shipper number is your UPS account number. The access license number is provided by UPS when you signup for the OnLine tools.

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