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Please look at my code:

function getShopConfig()

$sql = "SELECT sc_name, sc_address, sc_phone, sc_email, sc_shipping_cost, sc_order_email, cy_symbol, sc_currency
        FROM kol_shop_config , kol_currency
        WHERE sc_currency = cy_id";
$result = dbQuery($sql);
$row    = dbFetchAssoc($result);

if ($row) {

 $shopConfig = array('name'           => $row['sc_name'],
                        'address'        => $row['sc_address'],
                        'phone'          => $row['sc_phone'],
                        'email'          => $row['sc_email'],
                        'sendOrderEmail' => $row['sc_order_email'],
                        'shippingCost'   => $row['sc_shipping_cost'],
                        'currency'       => $row['sc_currency']);
return $shopConfig;  


then im calling it like,

<td colspan="4" align="right"><?php getShopConfig(); echo $shopConfig['name'];?></td>

but nothing is being displayed.. where is the mistake?? please help.

note: both are in the same page. dbQuery() and dbFetchAssoc() functions are pre-defined and has worked properly before. if i echo it inside the function and then just call it then its working properly.

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The mistake is that the return value of the getShopConfig() function isn't being stored anywhere. The $shopConfig variable has nothing to do with the getShopConfig() function. For a fix, see hsz's answer below. –  TRiG Sep 10 '10 at 11:46

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    $shopConfig = getShopConfig();
    echo $shopConfig['name'];

You have to assign returned array to some ($shopConfig) variable before.

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Thanxx.. problem solved.. –  champ Sep 10 '10 at 11:44
 <?php $shopConfig = getShopConfig(); ?>

 <td colspan="4" align="right"><?php echo $shopConfig['name'];?></td>
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You are only returning the value but not catching it in any variable.


<?php $shopConfig=getShopConfig(); echo $shopConfig['name'];?>
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Your function is returning a value. You must assign this value to a variable then then access the element you want from that variable: i.e.

<td colspan="4" align="right"><?php $configs = getShopConfig(); echo $configs['name'];?></td>

What you are trying to do is use the variable $shopConfig which has been declared in the function. This is a local variable and does not exist outside the function. You can make a global $shopConfig if you want, but that's a redundant solution since you are returning the array from function. You should avoid global variables as it makes your code more difficult to understand and maintain.

There is, however, a short-hand way of doing this (perhaps you are only using the function to get that element 'name') by accessing the return value directly: i.e.

<td colspan="4" align="right"><?php echo $getShopConfig()['name'];?></td>
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