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I am creating an iPhone app, Where I need to use PayPal framework for billing the user for purchasing some kind of service. But I need the bill the user on monthly basis. Is there any option to enable recurring payment option in the framework?

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If you need to use PayPal, you'll likely have to roll your own solution using PayPal's APIs and a UIWebView and HTML/Javascript/etc...

The PayPal Developer Network docs has lots of information, including code examples.

You'll likely have a better time using Apple's own StoreKit API, which includes support for recurring subscriptions.

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I recommend to use In-App Purchase because your app would be rejected if you're using something other than In-App Purchases!

Since The Daily Apple doesn't want to let user buy additional content without using iTunes (In-App Purchase). I know here are many German News having problems with this, because they are only give the content if buy them on it's website.

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I found that in native in app payment from a iPhone App or Android App, there is no direct recurring payment option. But we have a method of payment called Preapproval payment by which we can achieve the same goal.

For More informatiomn:



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