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I have an html "button" which is really just this:

<div onClick="window.location.href=somePage.htm">
    <img src="img.png"/>

Works fine in desktop Safari. And it works in mobile Safari... however when I tap the "button" in mobile safari I don't see the little gray outline box indicating exactly what I'm tapping. How can I get this little gray outline box to show up? I find this feature of mobile Safari to be very useful and I'd like to provide it for the user.


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I think that mobile Safari applies this to clickable elements only. Have a look at this documentation. I would suggest that you simply use a <a>-element for this purpose:

<a onclick="window.location.href = somePage.htm; return false;">
    <img src="img.png" />

This should work exactly like your <div> with a little styling.

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ok using an anchor worked. However I had to just do <a href="something.htm"... instead of using the onClick. – MrDatabase Sep 10 '10 at 13:21

You should use a link.

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