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I managed to create a little mess in my local git repository. I was trying to fix a broken commit by using the following instructions. Before running the "git commit --amend" (and after the git rebase --interactive) I decided that my changes were incorrect and so I executed "git reset HEAD --hard". Not a good idea, I tell you.

Now the interactive rebase seems to be "stuck". Git shows the current branch as (|REBASE-m). Every command (cd .., ls, git rebase...) inside my repository gives the following error:

cat: .git/rebase-merge/head-name: No such file or directory

Here's how git rebase --abort looks like:

$ git rebase --abort
cat: c:/_work/project/src/git/.git/rebase-merge/quiet: No such file or directory
cat: c:/_work/project/src/git/.git/rebase-merge/head-name: No such file or directory
cat: c:/_work/project/src/git/.git/rebase-merge/orig-head: No such file or directory
HEAD is now at 4c737fb Revert "Modified file names"
rm: cannot remove `c:/_work/project/src/git/.git/rebase-merge/done': Permission denied
rm: cannot remove directory `c:/_work/project/src/git/.git/rebase-merge': Directory
not empty
cat: .git/rebase-merge/head-name: No such file or directory

Here's the result of git rebase --continue:

$ git rebase --continue
cat: c:/_work/project/src/git/.git/rebase-merge/prev_head: No such file or directory
cat: c:/_work/project/src/git/.git/rebase-merge/end: No such file or directory
cat: c:/_work/project/src/git/.git/rebase-merge/msgnum: No such file or directory
cat: c:/_work/project/src/git/.git/rebase-merge/onto: No such file or directory
cat: c:/_work/project/src/git/.git/rebase-merge/quiet: No such file or directory
prev_head must be defined
cat: .git/rebase-merge/head-name: No such file or directory

Any ideas? I would like to reset the situation back to the state it was before I started my well-thought rebase operation.

Here's how git log --oneline shows the situation:

4c737fb Revert "Modified file names"
247ac02 Modified file names
33141e6 Message modifications
10a4a04 Modified db script

And this is fine.

I'm using msysgit v1.7.0.2.

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It looks like Git tried to remove the .git/rebase-merge directory but wasn't able to remove it completely. Have you tried copying that folder away? Also copy away the .git/rebase-apply folder if that is present.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I was able to fix my problem just by restarting the computer. I'm not sure what went wrong because somehow every access to the .git\rebase-merge folder caused an "Access denied" -error. – Mikael Koskinen Sep 13 '10 at 5:07
reboot fixed it in my case. thanks man. – keremispirli Nov 12 '15 at 10:46
Reboot fixed it for me too. Thank you. – Hast Jan 7 at 19:11
Reboot did not work for me but git rebase --abort (from did work. – Backus Mar 28 at 2:24
Just restarting the git shell (windows) worked for me (git rebase --abort wasn't working) – mhand Mar 31 at 20:47

I had a similar problem due to a zombie vim.exe process. Killing it in Task Manager, followed by a git rebase --abort fixed it.

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this was my problem too. I used sysinternals handle command and saw that a process (sh.exe) had the file locked. Using pskill <pid> fixed it for me. – Paul Oliver Aug 17 '15 at 23:07

Had same problem in Eclipse. Could not Rebase=>abort from Eclipse.

Executing git rebase --abort from Git Bash Worked for me.

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On Windows, if you are unwilling or unable to restart the machine see below.

Install Process Explorer:

In Process Explorer, Find > File Handle or DLL ...

Type in the file name mentioned in the error (for my error it was 'git-rebase-todo' but in the question above, 'done').

Process Explorer will highlight the process holding a lock on the file (for me it was 'grep').

Kill the process and you will be able to abort the git action in the standard way.

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In my case it was because I had opened SmartGit's Log in the respective Git project and Total Commander in the respective project directory. When I closed both I was able to rebase without any problem.

The more I think about it, the more I suspect Total Commander, i.e. Windows having a lock on opened directory the git rebase was trying to something with.

Friendly advice: When you try to fix something, always do one change at a time. ;)

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Once you have satisfactorily completed rebasing X number of commits , the last command must be git rebase --continue . That completes the process and exits out of the rebase mode .

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I had the same problem. I used process explorer as suggested in other post (i am not able to find that post) and figured out which process has a lock on the file and kill it. then execute the --continue or --abort as per needs

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I am using git in eclipse and I was having the same problem.

Eventually I found that the "Rebase ..." menu entry was temporarily transformed into a sub-menu.

Team-> Rebase -> Abort

It worked for me.

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Create a file with this name:

touch .git/rebase-merge/head-name

and than use git rebase

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In my case after testing all this options and still having issues i tried sudo git rebase --abort and it did the whole thing

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