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I have created a data template for a data class. The width of the grid created by the datatemplate is bound to a property in the data class, ie, the size of the control matters.

I am creating a list of the data class objects, and adding them to an items control in MainWindow.


I would like to line up the controls from the data list one after another, and not have them resize.



each are the same data template type, and different widths. Perhaps I shouldn't be using itemsControl, but I am unsure of what other control to use to achieve this.

Any help would be much appreciated. I can post XAML

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Could you please include sample data template. Is your box1 width is predefined or it should adjust itself according to the length of the record while initially loading it? – Prince Ashitaka Sep 10 '10 at 17:35

Can you post some XAML. It can depend on the HorizontalContentAlignment of the ItemsControl or the style of your ItemContainer/ItemPanel.

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