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Just wondering if anybody had the same problem with rubygems.org

I appluad the decision to consolidated everything on rubygems.org, but when the default was rubyforge - I never had any problems. Now it seems I have a problem updating gems everytime I do a new installation. I mean I can work around it, but downloading gems through the browser and then installing them manually - but that is very annoying.

The message I keep getting bad response Bad Gateway 502 (name of some gem goes here).

It never breaks on the same gem, and I have mostly problems installing Rails stack - such as mail, railties, actionmailer, etc.

Other gems like nokogori or haml - install without any problem.

If I run bundle - it also breaks with the same message or a variation thereof.

I tried obvious things - like removing rubygems.org from sources - pointing to rubyforge or rubyonrails, but keep getting the same problem. I tried it on 3 different machines - my Debian dev box, my windows machine and my macbook, all running different subversions of Ruby 1.8.7.

Does anyone have any solution or suggestion please??? Pretty please?

P.S.: By the way "wget" on certain gems from rubyforge.org - doesn't work - I'm getting the same error - downloading through the browser seems to be the only option. Which leads me to believe it has nothing to do with my ruby setup, but is actually a problem on rubygems.org .

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Which leads me to believe it has nothing to do with my ruby setup, but is actually a problem on rubygems.org

Not necessarily. 502 only means that some gateway, somewhere, anywhere, between you and rubygems.org didn't respond properly. This could be pretty much any server that sits in between you and rubygems.org: your company's proxy, your company's firewall, your own proxy, your own firewall, (one of) your provider's prox(y/ies), (one of) your provider's firewall(s), (one of) rubygems.org's hosting provider's firewall(s), rubygems.org's load balancer, your government's web content filter, or really any other server that sits – for whatever reason – between you and rubygems.org.

It literally just means that somewhere on the internet there is a Bad Gateway.

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Jorg - I see where you are coming from, but as i said - when I download the same gems manually through browser - it works just fine, but wget, and gem install don't work CONSISTENTLY. I really doubt that my wget or gem request is CONSISTENTLY routed through a bad gateway and my browser request - has a VIP privileges :-) Also - I control our firewall - and I nothing nothing is blocking anything there. I mean nothing else has that problem - cpan, apt-get or even port on my macbook. –  konung Sep 10 '10 at 20:30
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The error has disappeared - can't recreate it anymore - so I assume it was a problem with the rubygems server, since nothing changed on my end.

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