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My website uses asual address plugin for implementing hash based URL.
On one of the pages I have placed a back link. I want the following behavior on click of this link.

 If there is any entry in history it should do history.back()
 If no entry in history, load a default page.

Is it possible?

Note: I can do this in Firefox (window.location.hash are different before and after click of the link).
But this is not working in chrome. I also tried using history.length but no success.

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If you are going to the page by a link, you can check document.referrer and call history(-1) if it exists, but it will return empty if the user typed in the address, even if there is history. I don't think you can just get the url (or even existence) of unrelated browser history, as that would be a security problem.

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<a href="#" onclick="javascript:window.history.back(-1);return false;">Back</a>

webkit / Chrome history.back(-1) onclick vs href - resolved

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