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What's the difference between $(this) and this in jQuery, and why do they sometimes give the same result and other times behave differently?

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when do they "give the same result" ? – gion_13 Oct 19 '11 at 13:20
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$(this) wraps this with the jQuery functionality.

For example, this code would fail:

    // this refers to the DOM element so the following line would fail

So we wrap this in jQuery:

    // wrap this in jQuery so we can use jQuery fadeOut
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$(this) decorates whatever object this points to with the jQuery functions. The typical use case is for this to reference a DOM element (say, a <div>). Then, writing $(this) allows you to use all the jQuery API functions on that <div>.

If this already refers to a jQuery object - usually a jQuery-decorated DOM object - then calling $(this) will have no effect because it's already decorated.

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If in your current context if the this is not a jQuery object, you can make it a jQuery element by wrapping it around $(). When your element already is a result of jQuery expression, the this in that case is already a jQuery object. So in that case they both work similarly

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this is a javascript variable created whenever you are inside a function which is attached to an object. In these cases, this refers to that object.

$(this) returns a jQuery object which you can call jQuery functions on, but will apply only to this.

For example, if you set a click handler for all anchors:

$('a').click(function() {
    console.log(this.href) ;
}) ;

then the this, refers to the anchor, which the click event (function) is attached to.

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for you to understand a little bit better, get yourself a debugger of somekind such as google chrome and do this..

    console.log(this); //DO
    console.log($(this)); //JO

this will show you what the difference is :)

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$(this) == this ? interesting.

this must not pass by DOM event.

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In JavaScript this always refers to the “owner” of the function that is executing. Using $(this) will only wrap the owner so that all the jQuery operations will be extended and available to it.


$links = $('#content a');

$ {
    link  = this;
    $link = $(this); //jQuery wrapped object.

    alert($link.attr('href')); //we can use the attr() function from jQuery

They usually give the same results since the owner is the same, only that when wrapped by jQuery it can operate with the jQuery functions.

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