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My website uses asual address plugin for implementing hash based URLs.

I want to implement follwoing feature which facebook and twitter have successfully implemented.

Say I am not logged into twitter and click on the below link

It will take me to login page(note the /favorites in querystring) http://twitter.com/login?redirect_after_login=/favorites

and after I login it will now load the page


How to implement this? Since the URL segment following the hash is not sent to the server. So how they are able to get it in the redirected login URL

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I had a look at stackoverflow.com/questions/317760/… But don't see any exact answers. So posting again. –  Varun Sep 10 '10 at 15:24
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Well... after a lot of research the answer is "You can't".
Instead I am using JavaScript to
* detect any hash
* form the corresponding non hash URL and redirect to it.

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