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Does anyone here has any experience on how to send HTML emails that renders correctly on a Lotus Notes Client 7?

My email has a couple of complex CSS files and I tried embedding them on <style> tags, but it doesn't seem to work. The thing is that the email renders perfectly in version 8 and on other email clients.

Any hints or pointers?


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Lotus Notes 7 has a terrible HTML engine. Really awful. It's not you.

Here's some old advice about dealing with it. I also suggest signing up for an email testing service like Litmus. You're never going to fix the problem, if you can't see the problem.

(In the template I was using, I found the problem was actually in the HTML. It has some sort of bizarre problem with the box model. Wrapping a bunch of elements in DIVs helped)

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Here's a good chart for various email clients. Unfortunately only Notes 6 is covered at this point, but it gives you a starting point.


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