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Consider this code:

var Someclass = new Class();
var Anotherclass = new Class();
var classes = ['Someclass', 'Anotherclass'];

and I want to create mootools class with a dynamic name. Of course i can do it by eval:

eval('var obj = new ' + classes[0] + '(params);');

but I do not think it is a good solution. How to do this in a "proper" way? Maybe somethink like:

var obj = ObjectFactory(classes[0], params);
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Use the bracket notation to refer to the class as a string.

var object = new window['SomeClass']();

Pass it parameters as regular.

var object = new window['SomeClass'](1, 2, "three");

Instead of creating all classes globally, use an object to namespace them.

var My = {
    SomeClass: new Class(..),
    OtherClass: new Class(..)

var object = new My['SomeClass']();
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thanks for this answer! –  hamczu Oct 10 '10 at 21:09

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