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I am writing an application for Android and am using worker threads to process certain information. Having read through my code I am now unsure if it is thread safe.

I have written a simplified version of my code, I have omitted the Handler object used to communicate with the main thread and obviously the process itself.

public class myClass implements Runnable
    private String myString;

    public void run()
        myString = "Some Value";

This is called by running something similar to this.

myClass class = new myClass();
Thread thread = new Thread(class);

So, is this code not thread safe because I am modifying myString (declared in the main thread) in the run() function?

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Your question reminds me a lot of this article… – Conrad Frix Sep 10 '10 at 17:03
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In itself, that's thread-safe. But which threads are going to be reading the myString value? If you read it from the main thread after writing it in the new thread, that isn't thread-safe.

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No, as you have presented it, it is thread safe. If you make a getter for the myString variable, you have a potential threading issue. In that case you would want to make the getter/setter method synchronized, or better yet make the variable volatile, which will ensure that the variable's value is the same for every thread.

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