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I need a font that shows letters and function keys on a keyboard, so that I can show Ctrl+Alt+S as 3 separate keys on a keyboard, not as the text.

I've looked at two, and one of them had lots of missing keys (among other things, the Win key), the other one cost over $100.

Any good ideas?

Oh, and this needs to be a truetype font, for Windows, and usable in .NET (so apparently no pure bitmap fonts)

Edit: "Free" in the above sense means that I can freely distribute the font file with my program. When I typed the question in I was hoping for a free download as well, but I'll settle for cheap, as I can always use the font for documentation in other projects. So if anyone knows some non-free, non-royalty-based, complete, keyboard fonts, that are cheap, I'll settle for that as well.

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Sorry to be a pedant, but "Are there any" - it just really bugs me :D. – xan Dec 15 '08 at 15:11
There you go, fixed :) – Mihai Limbășan Dec 15 '08 at 15:43
Ugh, my bad. Thanks, Adam. – Mihai Limbășan Dec 15 '08 at 17:01
Feel free to correct my bad grammar :) – Lasse V. Karlsen Dec 15 '08 at 17:50
Don't worry about it - content before form :) – Mihai Limbășan Dec 17 '08 at 1:17
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This looks like it meets your requirements: http://www.webpagepublicity.com/free-fonts/k/Keycaps%20Regular.ttf

I prefer sites that have fonts displayed in the page so I can see them directly since I don't know the name of virtually any fonts. To that point, this site does just as I like http://www.webpagepublicity.com

EDIT: Before using this link please read the comments. It was pointed out that this font is not free and that this site has a number of fonts for download which are not to be redistributed.

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Here's a link to the page on that site which actually shows the example of the font in question: webpagepublicity.com/free-fonts-k.html#FreeFonts – Adam Bellaire Dec 15 '08 at 15:43
Uhm, when I open this font, it says "From the WSI-FONT Collection. Copyright (c) 1992 W.S.I. All Rights Reserved. Redistribution strictly prohibited." I definitely don't see anything "free" in this font, free-as-beer nor free-as-speech. – Piskvor Dec 15 '08 at 16:25
@piskvor forgive my ignorance, but what exactly did you open that with to see that information? – Anthony Potts Dec 15 '08 at 16:32
A quick download of 10 fonts showed me 7 had copyright, 1 had a freeware message and 2 didn't say. I don't think I would trust this "free" site. – Lasse V. Karlsen Dec 15 '08 at 17:58

For Windows keys (including the Windows flag and right-click menu keys), get Betsy Flanagan and Betsy Flanagan Two, both from larabiefonts, free for website use.

For Mac keys (including the Clover, Cmd, Opt, lights, and numeric keypad keys), use MacKeyCaps, but it does have copyright. Several web sites have it for download, haven't found the actual source to check for licensing.

I have a page displaying the keycap fonts I've tried, with mappings and CSS to download and display the characters so the text on the keys is about the same size as text on your web page, at http://www.lernerconsult.com/keycaps.php

I have how to use downloadable TrueType/OpenType fonts, with automatic font substitution through CSS if your user's browser doesn't support downloadable fonts, and how to have fonts look the same size even if the letters like x, a, c are different heights at the same point size, at my font-size-adjust page, linked from the keycaps page.

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Betsy Flanagen (either) are not possible to use in .NET, I guess they're bitmap-fonts. – Lasse V. Karlsen Aug 21 '10 at 15:30

see http://mindprod.com/project/keyboardillustrator.html

It has links to various sources for keycap fonts.

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