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Firstly, I'm new to groovy as of yesterday, so what I say could be incorrect.

In groovy, every time you create a closure in your code, it creates a separate .class file like this Test$_closure1.class. I could easily have 3000 different closures throughout my project, which would thus push me over the 3000 file limit on App Engine.

It only creates the class files if I actually compile my Groovy files, which I want to do because I have existing Java classes that I want to be able to call Groovy classes from.

Is there a way I can lessen the number of files it will need?

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You can try creating a library out of those classes -> essentially making a jar file. Once you have a jar (a zip for all classes) its treated as one file.

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tried it out, pretty easy solution :) –  Kyle Sep 10 '10 at 19:32

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