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I am trying to read an HTTP packet via a socket in ruby, and for some reason my code keeps on blocking whilst calling recv

socket ="localhost",80)
socket.send r.join("\r\n"), 0
#We're only interested in the string "HTTP/1.1 XXX"
if http_status = get_http_status(socket.recv_nonblock(12))
    if http_status == 200
        $ "Wrote #{message_packet}"
        $logger.warn "Resubmitting message because #{line} is not 200"

#Get rid of the rest of the content
the_rest = socket.recv(1000)
while(the_rest != "") do
    the_rest = socket.recv(1000)    

From what I understand of recv it should return nothing if there's no data waiting on the socket?

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This question is very badly written and missing some very important data that actually makes this question make any sense. The code is also wrong. Please close it. – Ceilingfish Sep 16 '10 at 9:36
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The connection could be a keep-alive connection. So, your recv() call wont end by itself. You will need to read the Content-Lenght header, then do a read of that many bytes from the content. After that you can get out of the RECV loop.

Or alternately, issue the request by setting "Connection: close" header so that the server closes the connection after sending the response.

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